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What services does Agora CaaS provide?

Agora CaaS(Communication as a Service) includes:

  • Video/Audio SDKs (APIs for Real-time Audio and Video Communications with high quality support for both one-on-one real-time audio/video calls and many-to-many group calls. A voice group can be a maximum of 10, 000 people online at the same time; a video group supports up to seven people online at the same time. We can accommodate a variety of scenarios by customizing the interactions with optimization.

  • Agora Cloud:We have deployed around 100 data centers in four continents, including thousands of servers.

  • Real-time Audio and Video Communication Data Reports: tell you how many active users are using the call service, call durations, call success rate, ratio of low-quality contacts with cause analysis, and so on. In addition, distribution reports show the geographic distribution of users, of network conditions and users, and of time spent on the network. To help with operational and other business decisions, developers can check data by using daily, weekly, or background reports, anytime and anywhere.

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