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What are the differences between Agora CaaS and other audio/video network services?

  • Global call support via our many data centers and thousands of servers that help your Apps realize high-quality and stable communications globally. In many regions with backward network infrastructure and poor network conditions, high-quality communication is a pain point that that the industry has not resolved. However, Agora.io guarantees a quality much higher than the industry average by using our last mile optimization algorithm that has won multiple patents.

  • Uniquely rich call data reporting service provides audio/video call APIs along with special APIs to inspect quality, as noted above.

  • Huge mobile device support: Agora CaaS supports all iOS devices on the market and ninety percent of Android devices. At the same time, we use our unique algorithm to augment the features of low-end models by adding echo cancellation and noise suppression when they are missing from hardware devices. Adopting the Agora.io network can also optimize the operational ability of mobile devices and increase the battery performance, making mobile calls user-friendly in new ways.

  • Full platform support includes the following operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, as well as Java-based Web browser support, providing customer products with high- quality and real-time communication services on all platforms.

  • Easy API integration allows you to integrate the Agora SDK quickly and realize high-quality, real-time communication for your apps in only about 30 minutes.

  • Global Patent Technology Endorsement and Professional Technical Team Support: Agora.io has applied for dozens of international patents in the related fields, including real-time, high-quality voice, ultra-bandwidth audio codec NOVA, video codec designed especially for real- time communication and mobile network, and multiple patents related to voice quality of public networks.

The Agora.io technical team includes the world’s top audio/video engineers. They come from Cisco WebEx, YY (Chinese video social network of about 300 million users), Apple FaceTime, Intel, Microsoft, Vidyo, and more. The first-line research and development experience of each person averages about ten years. We believe that face-to-face communication was, is, and will always be the most medium way for human communication. We hope to use our Agora CaaS, which is built based on our rich technology background, to make up what’s missing from the current SMS and instant messaging world. Communicate face to face instead of just having your head buried in text.
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