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What are some practical use cases for real-time communications?

Agora.io provides high-quality communication experience for many different industries and scenarios, including:
  • Social applications such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts have enabled real- time audio and video communication, and people have come to expect it. Real-time communications are now essential for any social app. With audio and video provided by Agora SDK, it is very easy for your application to support one-on-one communication and group chat. Meanwhile, Agora SDK also provides safe and real-time communication for big group calls with up to 2,000 attendees, improving the flexibility and richness of your app.

  • Education:Class collaboration and interaction becomes more interesting with virtual classrooms through one-on-one video calls or big group calls.

  • Telemedicine with one-on-one online video, allowing doctors to better observe symptoms and facilitate the diagnosis.

  • Call Centers are central to enterprise BPO (business process outsourcing) systems. With Agora.io integrated into your system platform, provide customers with 24-hour personalized service at a low cost. In addition, without using extra bandwidth, you can easily integrate real- time customer service support into an existing system, while protecting the customer's privacy.

  • Virtual Call Centers are becoming a reality in today’s enterprises, allowing organizations, especially those in specialized business segments or industries, to draw on geographically dispersed talent resources. Having customer care reps work from home can also result in large overhead savings. And what distance communication is more personal than a video call, assuming the customers are willing?

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