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Why I should use Agora CaaS and Agora SDKs?

  • Cost-Saving: If you have 100,000 customers using our cloud service every day, and each person is on the phone for two minutes a day, you can save at least two million dollars over the cost of building your own technical team.

  • Time-Saving: It usually takes six to twelve months for team setup, product research and development, test, bug fixes, and product launch. Even so, sometimes the product quality is still not satisfactory. In fact, the time allocated for many mobile web initiatives is only three months. Imagine achieving real-time audio/video communication in around 30 minutes by directly using Agora CaaS.

  • Effort-Saving: Technical teams can burn out from responding to bugs and complaints, especially those coming from different time zones. Use services provided by Agora.io and keep your technical team focused on developing core capabilities.

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