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Which codecs are used by Agora.io?

Agora.io uses its own proprietary audio codec, NOVA, which is simple, low-bit-rate, and highly adaptive. Its quality ranks at the industry's highest level (on average, the score of broadband PESQ- WB is 3.92, and the score of the average narrowband PESQ in 4kpbs low-bit-rate mode is 3.21). NOVA supports narrowband, broadband, and ultra-high frequency, all in one. The bit rate can vary in the range of 2kbps-24kbps (2kbps being for ultra low bit rate communications). At the same time, it can flexibly switch between different modes, including adaptable mode, high-quality mode, low- energy-consumption and high-quality mode, super-high-frequency mode and ultra-low-bit-rate mode.

We use our proprietary video codec, and the performance in the RTC environment is excellent with low latency and jitter.

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